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Feeling tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed are symptoms commonly known as fatigue. Fatigue is a sign that your body is experiencing physical or emotional stress.  Thinking that it will just go away is a common mistake that everyone makes.  A commonly overlooked cause is spinal nerve stress.  Subtle changes in the spine can result in slight pressure on the nerves that you cannot feel but negatively affect the body as a whole.  If you or someone you know is constantly feeling fatigued, then a specialized digital test can be performed to determine if spinal nerve stress is the reason.  Most offices do not have this technology.  This digital test can be performed at Weston Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in less than 5 minutes.  We have found that a simple test can change a life for the better.

The first step to living your life to the fullest is yours to make, so take action and get the energy back in your life.


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