Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Cold Laser Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is characterized by pain, numbness or tingling in the forearm, wrist and hand.  Very mild cases can cause symptoms once in awhile and more severe cases can become constant.  Many times it may be in both hands.

Advanced technology allows us to accurately diagnose what type, if any of carpal tunnel sydrome you may have.  This office utilizes the Cadwell Sierra Wave unit which is the latest and most advanced electrodiagnostic machine available.        Dr. Weston is advanced trained and Certified in Electrodiagnosis.  In New Jersey he performs Neural Conduction Studies (NCS) to diagnose CTS.  In New York he performs NCS to diagnose CTS and also needle insertion Electromyography (nEMG) to diagnose other conditions that may be present.

NCS usually takes about a half hour face to face with Dr. Weston.  Gentle impulses are introduced to the patients forearm, wrists and hands and the findings are calculated automatically.  In many instances the patient is told immediately if they have carpal tunnel syndrome or not, and how severe it is.

Treatment for CTS is performed in the office which may consist of some or all of the following; gentle stretches to the area, gentle mobilization of the surrounding soft tissues and in some instances the carpal bones, exercises for strength and Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or Cold Laser  to reduce inflammation and promote healing. 

This office utilizes the MicroLight ML830 which was the first Cold Laser to be approved by the USFDA for the specific treatment of CTS.  It delivers consistent results and when combined with other therapies in this office allows many patients to avoid wrist surgery.


For more information go to:     The Carpal Tunnel Center   (recommended)


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